Fund Raising

Can you help? You may work for, or know of a company looking for ways to support the community; you might consider a personal legacy; or you might, like the founder Thomas Williams nearly 300 years ago, be in a position to make a donation to the Trust right now. It doesn’t have to be a fortune (though that would be most welcome!)

Raising capital for the trust :


£100 can help with special travel needs

£500 will help a future village Doctor to buy stethoscope & lab equipment.

£1,000 will support our next generation of farmers and stable managers through Kingston Maurward.

The Trust’s income is derived from the dividends and interest yields of invested capital. Percentage yields have been low in recent years, whilst the costs incurred by students have risen substantially as fees have risen and government has withdrawn funding.

So today’s Trustees are seeking to bolster the Trust’s funds, to raise additional capital and to generate more income for grants in the future.

If you can help in any way, please get in touch with the Treasurer & Trustee John Cleave on 01929 471463.  

The Trust is a fully registered Charity and makes annual returns to the Charity Commission. Its aims, objectives and achievements are available on request.